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The Dronecode Camera Manager (DCM) is an extensible Linux camera server for interfacing any camera with the Dronecode Platform.

DCM can connect to multiple cameras and provides access to them via the MAVLink Camera Protocol and RTSP video streams (it can also advertise available RTSP streams).

Out of the box the DCM connects to cameras that support the Video4Linux (V4L2) API and can also provide access to a camera running within a Gazebo simulation. The DCM has an extensible back-end that can be used to support other types of cameras and also new front-end protocols.

The Camera Manager is the easiest way for Camera OEMs to interface with the Dronecode Platform. Many cameras will just work "out of the box". At most, OEMs may need extend the backend to support their own Linux camera interface.

Forums and Chat

The core development team and community are active on the following chat channel:

  • Slack (sign up) - channel #camera-payload-api

Reporting Bugs & Issues

If you have any problems using the Camera Manager first post them on the support channels above.

If directed by the development team, issues may be raised on Github here.


The Contributing Guide explains the contribution model and the main areas where you can help.


The Camera Manager source code is free to use and modify under terms of the permissive Apache License 2.0.

This documentation is licensed under CC BY 4.0 (Human readable overview | LICENSE).

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