Auto-start DCM on Boot

The Dronecode Camera Manager (DCM) build process generates a file dronecode-camera-manager.service that can be used to help auto-start DCM on boot on platforms that support the systemd service.

Auto-start on Intel Aero

DCM is already integrated with systemd on Intel Aero (for both Yocto and Ubuntu OS).

The only work required is to ensure that dronecode-camera-manager.service is placed in /lib/system/system.

Auto-start on Other Platforms

The following steps can be used to integrate DCM with systemd on a new platform.

  1. Enable systemd, following the OS-specific instructions for your platform.
  2. Put the dronecode-camera-manager.service file in /lib/system/system directory (the file is generated in the root of the DCM repository when you build the Camera Manager).
  3. Reload systemd daemon
    systemctl daemon-reload
  4. Enable the service to start DCM automatically on subsequent boot

    systemctl enable dronecode-camera-manager.service

    You can also start the service just for the current session:

       systemctl start dronecode-camera-manager.service
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